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BioTechMed-Graz is – besides other projects – focusing on the Postdoc-Pool, which aims at promoting young scientists with international background and integrating them in the framework of BioTechMed-Graz in order to support innovative research in Graz.

Prerequisites for application were:

  • a minimum of two researchers / working groups / departments / institutes / organizational units from at least two of the three cooperating universities is required
  • description of a collaborational research project
  • at the interface of the BioTechMed-Graz research areas
  • appropriate infrastructure must be available
  • previous interdisciplinary research in the respective fields would be ideal
  • submission of conclusive project proposals
  • outlining of responsibilities and amounts of input of each researcher / working group/ department / institute / organizational unit involved

13 project proposals have been approved.



The postdocs were employed for two years at the following institutes:

University of Graz
Institute of Mathematics and Scientific Computing
Institute of Molecular Biosciences
Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Institute of Psychology

Medical University of Graz
Institute of Biophysics
Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Institute of Pathology
Institute of Physiology

Technical University of Graz
Institute of Biomechanics
Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology

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