Best Collaborative Paper Award 2019

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Selected Publication:
Klebsiella oxytoca enterotoxins tilimycin and tillivaline have distinct host DNA-damaging and microtubule-stabilizing activities

K.Unterhauser, L.Pöltl, G. Schneditz, S. Kienesberger, R. A. Glabonjat, M. Kitsera, J. Pletz, F. Josa-Prado, E. Dornisch, C. Lembacher-Fadum, S. Roier, G. Gorkiewicz, 0.1 Lucena, 1. Barasoain, W. Kroutil, M. Wiedner, J. 1. Loizou, R. Breinbauer, J.Fernando Diaz, S. Schild, C. Högenauer, and E. L. Zechner

National Academy of Sciences, USA

Statement of the ISAB:
It is a timely study as it is more and more evident that the eco-gut system is of high relevance for the human health. The selection committee is impressed by the broad scope, which addresses a pathogenetically relevant molecular link between intestinal bacterial residents and the occurrence of colitis. The results are novel and genuine and based on an extensive experimental program covering microbiological aspects, biochemical aspects and an assessment of toxicity. The provided model may be generalized to other diseases. The paper brings together synergistically expertise of all three BioTechMed-Graz partner universities.

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