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The BioTechMed-Graz Lab Visits take place two to three times per academic year and are meant to grant participants an insight into the research activities and infrastructure of the BioTechMed-Graz research areas.
On the program are short presentations and a tour of a laboratory. At the get together at the end, contacts can be made and questions answered.

The first event took place on Tuesday, 24 June 2014, at 4pm at the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE).

With over 60 participants, the second lab visit at the Institute for Molecular Biosciences on November 18, 2014, was very successful.

A third lab visit took place on March 5, 2015, at the Clinical Institute of Medical and Chemical Laboratory Diagnostics and at Biobank Graz.

On November 25, 2015, the fourth lab visit took place at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision.

On June 8, 2016, at 4.30 p.m. Prof. Sven Stegemann (Institute of Process and Particle Engineering, TU Graz) gave his inaugural lecture on the topic "Making drug products fit for patients – patient centric research to enhance drug safety and effectiveness“. The event was combined with a lab visit at the Clinical Research Center of the Medical University of Graz.  See digest and program.

Prof. Veronika Schöpf gave her inaugural lecture on September 16, 2016, at 2 p.m. The event was combined with a lab visit of the Institute of Psychology. See digest and program.

On May 16, 2017 at 4 p.m. a BioTechMed-Graz Lab Visit took place at the Institute of Neural Engineering & Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces. See digest and program.

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