Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology, Biotechnology

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The objective of the pharmaceutical and medical technologies for the BioTechMed-Graz project is in the area of drug targeting. This is understood to be the targeted application or the target transport of a drug or an active substance to the location in the body where the substance should take effect. For a drug to reach its place of effect, a series of techniques is available. In the area of pharmaceutical technology, carrier materials, polymers or particles are often used. The enrichment at the place of effect can, however, also take place using medical technologies, e.g. the targeted application through a catheter or the control of an active substance in the body through magnetic fields.

The development and research of such future-oriented drugs represents a major challenge for the scientists involved. Only internal networking of the various expiries today allows processing such complex questions. For the BioTechMed-Graz project, the added value of a cooperation between all three universities is in the fact that although a large number of the technologies required for this exists at the location of Graz at the individual institutions, they can only be used optimally in sum – for instance, for drug targeting with the use of particles, the technical expertise in the production and process technology at the TUG is in place, while the pharmaceutical expertise is available at the KFUG. In the area of application, models of the MUG and analytical and image-forming procedures at the TUG at used.

The objective as part of BioTechMed-Graz will be to create the bases for the development of such target-oriented drugs for the future. In doing so, it will also be necessary to examine methods and processes for the production of such drug targeting devices.

Presentation of the research area Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology, Biotechnology


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