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The networking of the research fields involved in BioTechMed-Graz is promoted through various event formats.

Next Events

07.12.2022, 8:30 a.m.: BioTechMed-Graz Science Breakfast
“I spy with my little eye... What I think I know about my abilities and competencies – but do others know them better?”
 Aljoscha Neubauer(Professor of Differential Psychology, Uni Graz)
Venue: SZ 15.21, RESOWI Center Graz, Uni Graz

12.12.2022, 5 p.m.: BioTechMed-Graz Nobel Lecture
"Discovering TNF, TLRs, and other proteins with key importance in immunity"
Nobel Laureate:
 Prof. Bruce A. Beutler
Venue: MC 1, Aula, Med Campus, Neue Stiftingtalstraße 6, EG



BioTechMed-Graz Events

  • Science Breakfast: Within the framework of the Science Breakfasts, guest lectures are held on current scientific and socially relevant topics. (monthly)
  • Faculty Club with Flagship Lectures: The Faculty Club offers all BioTechMed-Graz members a platform for interdisciplinary exchange and networking. (monthly)
  • Growing up in Science: The international networking format "Growing up in Science" offers an insight into the careers of successful scientists. 
  • Lab Visit: The Lab Visits provide an insight into the research activities and infrastructure of BioTechMed-Graz members with short lectures and a lab tour.
  • Nobel Lecture: Once a year, BioTechMed-Graz invites a nobel laureate to give a lecture in Graz to celebrate their outstanding contributions in the research fields of BioTechMed-Graz.
  • Symposia: The symposia and conferences with internationally renowned speakers each focus on one of BioTechMed-Graz's research areas.
  • Young Investigator Retreats: The retreats serve the exchange of BioTechMed-Graz researchers at different career stages.

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Cooperating partners

 Universität Graz  TU Graz  Med-Uni Graz 

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BioTechMed-Graz Coordination Office

Mozartgasse 12/II
8010 Graz

Mobile:+43 664 30 10 141

Christina Prix

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 5022

Margit List-Schleich

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 5020

Andrea Elisabeth Günther

Phone:+43 (0)316 380 - 5027

Julia Rohrer

On maternity leave

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