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2019: 6th Theodor Escherich Symposium

Between the 28th – 29th of November 2019 the 6th Theodor Escherich Symposium on Medical Microbiome Research took place at the Medical University of Graz. For the first time ever public lectures were held for everyone interested in microbiome research.

13 international speakers contributed to the success of the symposium. Simon Lax from the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA gave the BioTechMed-Graz Lecture.

For further information, please click here.

2019: 8th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference

Between the 16th and 20th of September 2019 the Graz University of Technology opened its doors to researchers from all over the world for the 8th Brain-Computer Interface Conference (BCI). The program consisted of workshops, keynotes, industrial exhibitions and also the 2nd BCI Science Slam.

In addition to that, Sergey D. Stavisky (Stanford University), Francis R. Willett (Stanford University), Paymon Rezaii (Stanford University), Leigh R. Hochberg (Brown University, Harvard Medical School), Krishna V. Shenoy (Stanford University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute) and Jamie M. Henderson won  1st place at the BCI 2019 Award for their submission „Decoding speech from intracortial multielectrode arrays in dorsal motor cortex“. The BCI Award 2019 was endowed with a total of 6,000 USD. (1st place: 3,000 USD, 2nd place: 2,000 USD, 3rd place: 1,000 USD)

The entire program as well as further information is available here.

2019: 10th Internationaler BioNanoMed („Nanotechnology in Biology & Medicine”) Congress

From the 15th to the 17th of April 2019 the 10th International BioNanoMed 2019 Congress was held at the University of Graz. The event was organised by Techkonnex and the University of Graz in co-operation with the Medical University of Graz. This years’ congress attracted more than 110 participants from 19 different nations. The main focus of the event was on recent advances in Nanomedicine. As in previous years, the event was supported by BioTechMed-Graz.

The Keynote Speakers of 2019 were Prof. Ashutosh Chilkoti (Duke University), Prof. Elias Fattal (University of Paris-Sud) and Dr. Uday B. Kompella (University of Colorado Denver).

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Cooperating partners

 Universität Graz  TU Graz  Med-Uni Graz 

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BioTechMed-Graz Coordination Office

Mozartgasse 12/II
8010 Graz

Mobile:+43 664 30 10 141

Christina Prix

Phone:+43 316 380 - 5022

Margit List-Schleich

Phone:+43 316 380 - 5020

Julia Rohrer

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