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The three-dimensional arrangement of atoms (structure) in molecules and biological assemblies, such as proteins, nucleic acids, macro-molecular complexes or other large assemblies is crucial for their function, dynamics and interaction. We can use this knowledge to learn more about cellular processes on the molecular level, e.g. mechanisms of binding, metabolic pathways or possible causes of malfunction, disease and aging - linking the molecular aspects to bodily function. In addition, structural information has become indispensable in the clinical context when dealing with effects of medication, side effects, resistance or in our search for new types of drugs.

These meetings bring together structural biology and clinical research dealing with molecular aspects, structural biology based methods used in drug discovery and clinical aspects. The open, interdisciplinary discussions between speakers, scientists from different research fields, clinicians, students and the broad audience give room for unique ideas and foster (new) translational co-operation. The events are open to everyone.

For more information please contact the Science-Technology Interface: Structural Biology: angelika.krebs(at)

Documentation and recordings on the meeting “Molecular Aspects of COVID-19” , 2.12.2020


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